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despite my love of fire pokemon, im a water type girl <3 „,

practicing different styles. although they are all OC, the middle figure is one i’m designing for a story that’s in-the-works. so there’s a small preview :) 

taking a break from my bigger projects for some fandom fun. throwing some fem!sanji your way.

still in its very early stages. definitely a wip.  ive had the idea of “l+k+c take over the achievement city realm” for a while now, and as it happens the five seconds or so of game night i tuned into, kerry mentions handing over mincraft to himself and lindsay. so. 

somehow, in my boredom, i ended up drawing genderbendt pirate cuddles. i am fine with this.

more tablet practice ;;; i can’t be the only one who wants to see a king lindsay lp :3

im having a lot of fun with this ;;;

more practice ;;

having a lot of satisfying practice w/ faces, now time to practice other anatomy ;;;

more practice ;;;